Cuban Walnut Wine



Cuban Walnut is a work-in-progress – an Aperitif. Many weeks ago it became clear to me, this year i must make my own Walnut Wine, however, my way – of course.

And now it has happened. It has begun.

On Saturday i was invited to the place where i had seen the Walnut trees (about 11 of them) i wanted to harvest from. It was just a matter of time, waiting for the right moment to harvest these fruits. As it is known, to be used for the traditional Vin de Noix, they must be at a point, where they are still soft enough to let a needle go through. There are a couple of opinions, beliefs or traditions, which point to particular dates. Some adhere strongly to the day of Saint Jean on June 24th. Others conduct the ritual religiously measuring based on the day of the Bastille on July 14th. It is however also possible to decide without frankophonia, holiness or festivities, simply based on the stage of the fruit. I picked the fruits and the leaves from one tree on July 4th and realised a couple of days later, which day i had “chosen”. The fruits smelled wonderfully and were clearly soft enough to be perforated and cut.



 the picking took place about 6:30 p.m. on July 4th 2009



After the picking i went for a small walk through the garden, took some fotos from plants, flowers and walnut trees (Fotos: a cucumber, a yet unknown plant and an Achillea) 

Gurke       Kraut       zarte Blumen

After eating the vast selection out of the grill and the coffee bread i had baked, i decided to tune and celebrate with a Montecristo i had suddenly and surprisingly acquired the day before. 


Kubanische Note1


On the next day i bought Rum, Oranges and Cane Sugar. Is there an island called Cuba able to survive without these nature and culture products?


These fruits are one of the very few entitled to call themselves nuts. I washed them, sorted them, cut them in quarters. Now they are ‘ripening’ very wet and very sweet during the beginning of this process…


geerntet, sortiert kubanischer Walnuss


gewaschen, geviertelt


Walnuss, Zucker

the cutting and  pouring took place around 11:35 a.m. on the 6th of July 

Walnuss, Rohrzucker, Vanille, Rum




Walnuss-Blätter Spuren -Färbung

the colouring from the Walnuts and walnut leaves




July 7th, 1:45 p.m.




cuban walnut wine 27th day

cuban walnut wine 27th day (2)

 27th day (VII.31.09)





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