The Coffeehouse

This is a – growing – collection of details or simple documentation about the development of the Coffee-House culture around the globe, focusing mostly on the first coffee-houses to open in various cities since over the last 500 years. The accuracy of this list depends solely on the various sources of information available to me in historical books and the internet.

1511 Mecca

1530 Damascus

1532 Cairo

1554 Constantinople / Tahtakale / by Hakam and Shams

1645 Venice

1651 Livorno (Leghorn)

1652 London

1655 Oxford

1659 Marseilles

1663 Amsterdam

1663 The Hague

1664 Cambridge

1665 Yarmouth

1669 Bremen

1670 Boston

1672 Paris (a small bar where mostly Cognac was served)

1673 Edinburgh

1673 Glasgow

1675 Paris

1679 Hamburg

1685 Vienna

1686 Paris / Procope’s / by Francisco Procopio dei Coltelli

1689 London Coffee House / by Bejamin Harris

1694 Leipzig

1696 New York / King’s Arms / by John Hutchins

1700 Salzburg

1703 Philadelphia

1712 Stuttgart

1714 Prague

1718 Stockholm

1720 Venice / Alla Veneyia Triomfante, better known as Caffe Florian, was opened by Floriano Francesconi and it was the first coffee-house in Italy to admit women

1721 Berlin

1737 New York / Merchants Coffee House / by Daniel Bloom


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  • Coffee, Gordon Wrigley


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