Wisang Kopi is Damn Manual

Waking up for the second time in Jakarta, I immediately began investigating the most lively city I have ever witnessed. After a 20-minute ride between hundreds of mopeds passing us on the right and on the left, in addition to the mopeds on both sides of the cars coming in the opposite direction, we entered Wisang Kopi (twitter, instagram). It felt like being in a tiny nightclub that has yet to open, and like being in the baristas kitchen just the same. He was busy preparing his coffee concentrate, and relaxed took the time to serve us.

A very different world this was. Theirs is the undivided attention to basics, to the point that they literally and in atmospheric approach scream: “DAMN MANUAL BREW!”

Kettle at Wisang Kopi, Jakarta, Indonesia / Motorola G4 / Sila Blume 2018