Water to Fire

In the kitchen I have been accused of being in my own world. The attention referred to is never to my own — if such a silly perception would ever even be possible. This attention is applied, considering the importance of the creative process, the essence of each ingredient, and the purity of the physical labor.

The greatness of man is attributed in part to him mastering fire. To master is not merely the power to incendiate, temper and extinguish. It is not so much the power to control but rather the acquired understanding of what is being driven, created; at will and beyond any regulation.

At its core, the work in the kitchen is simple and it is based on simple principles, one being the water to fire ratio, towards gaining out of what we are creating, instead of losing. Thus:

  • Boil fresh water
  • Do not over boil the water
  • Do not boil boiled water
Barrel Aged Chiang Rai, Doi Mae Salong / Ruby 18 / May 2018 harvest / 1200 meters elevation