Madness to System (Smoking a Coffee infused Cigar)

When aiming at the deep and perhaps true qualities of pleasure and enjoyment, it seems fitting to ask if the systematic approach conduces to pleasure or the pleasure to a systematic approach. It occupies my mind more than just often, why some individuals take pleasure in life and others hurry. Why some delve out of joy and others out of necessity. Some are about the oneness and details of the experience, others are blindly addicted.

Many years ago I discovered the different tiny steps that could lead to the creation or the perception of music and acoustics. The attention to detail has been subsequently transferred to much more than listening. It is crucial when using your palate – either when eating a soup, drinking a soda, a coffee, or smoking a cigar. But I do not know if one must be mad to arrive at a system, or if one becomes firstly mad because of being in to deeply lost in a system. Either way, here are some aspects I observe, applicable to both madness and system.

Observing the Exhaling
Observing the Inhaling