New York Roosters

I was paying attention to some very three-dimensional bubbles in the cup I had just drank my coffee out of and, as I put my telephone up to it, noticed the bottom. Each time I drink some coffee I look at the bottom to determine how quick the porcelain cup might be washed or the paper one thrown away. About 20 minutes later, as I walked down one block, a figure almost out of my periphery on the right called my attention. It was a rooster just in the front of a house, apparently doing something between meditation and feeding.

Left: Rooster after / Right: Rooster in a cup before

Now, almost 4 hours later, looking at the pictures I took, I find the rooster in my cup. It was in my paper cup, before It appeared in flesh.

I wonder what tasseography would say about these animals on the mystical level.