Coffee to Wear (by Eva Cello)

Earrings by Eva Cello / Foto: Frank Schober

My name is Eva Skiera (born Capkova). I was born in 1983 in Trutnov, Bohemia – Czech Republic. After graduating at Secondary school of art and crafts (jewellery and goldsmithy branch) I turned to coffee learning ( before I moved to Prague, where my Cello studio was founded. Why Cello? I play the violoncello – not professionally, just for fun. That was back in 2003. Since that time I have focused on non-traditional jewellery making but also painting and other artistic techniques. For jewellery making I mainly use surgical steel for its excellent qualities, gemstones and coffee grains which I have been dealing with for several years. You don´t have to be worried about coffee grains – it is a similar material to wood. Besides the grains are fixated by polishing which makes them more resistent and durable.