“The Last Coffee” (Tango) – Hugo del Carril



El Último Café (Tango) 1963

Music – Hector Stampone
Lyrics – Catulo Castillo
English translation – Alberto Paz


Your memory arrives in a turmoil.

It gets dark again in Autumn…

I watch the drizzle, and while I watch

the coffee spoon turns…

Of the last coffee

that your cold lips

requested on that occasion

with the voice of a sigh…

I recall your disdain,

I evoke you for no reason,

I hear you without you being here:

“We are through”,

you said in a good bye

of sugar and bitterness…

Just like the coffee,

like the love, like the forgetfulness,

like the final vertigo

of a resentment for no reason…

And there, merciless,

I saw myself die standing up,

I weighed up your vanity

and then I understood my solitude

without what for…

It was raining and I offered you the last coffee


Vodpod videos no longer available.


Feel free to read the original spanish text.



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