Coffee with Cheese on the Side / Porter Cheddar

A strong Coffee accompanied by a Vintage Cheddar with Irish Porter

We humans have our customs. Those develop for various reasons, like tradition, practicality, knowledge or even out of strange, very individual decisions. One of these customs is eating biscuits, cakes or similar sweet things with our coffee. Another one is ending lengthy meals with a fine assortment of cheeses.

I have just discovered a cheese that screams to become the union of these two customs.

Two great traditions and typical products from Great Britain are cheddar cheese and porter beer. A present I recently received consists of a Vintage Cheddar with Irish Porter.

Until now I had never seen cheddar as a seduction, but this combination with porter, accompanying an intense coffee with a bit of sugar, could very well become one of my pleasure customs in the near future.

Vintage Cheddar with Irish Porter



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