Do not worry, should my coffee be turning to beer

Tesco Finest Traditional Porter - with chocolate and coffee notes

… I do not.

Indeed, I have been drinking deep dark brown and black beers, some with coffee notes, some with coffee. But long before I had the slightest notion of what it means to taste any Whiskey, long before I heard of their peat I so much love today, long before I learned to joyfully indulge in a Bordeaux and other deep reds, long before I started appreciating the clarity, gold and browns a sugar cane could help create, I had discovered the taste of mexican coffee directly from mexicans and was highly impressed. So, it is highly possible that I am currently simply expanding on the experience of tasting blacks and browns and perhaps completing a certain circle of the palate experience.

The circle started with that mexican coffee around 1983 and with my interest for beer, which, though very limited, revolved only around tasting some dark beers. After almost 30 years I am now cooking with them. Instead of the usual white and red wines, or shots of orange liqueur, gin or whiskey, Guinness, Stout and Porter are being strong supporting acts in my cooking and work perfectly in dishes with coffee and espresso.

I am nevertheless enjoying these brews as cold drinks, too. It is also nice to read that many others know to appreciate this brewing combinations as well. Just to name a couple for now, here are some notes from the Blood, Stout and Tears Blog:

Marble ‘Stouter’ Port Stout

Anchor Porter vs. Tesco Finest Traditional Porter


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