Coffee and Tobacco – Two of the darkest pleasures

Coffee and Coffee-Tobacco

In my blood flow lots of red from Cuba and my Cuban great-grandmother smoked five cigars per day. Now, please tell me, which land is equally famous for good coffee and good tobacco? Is it a wonder when I herewith start a new coffee category?

With Coffee and Tobacco is much more being said than some might think. Not only did Jim Jarmusch create a wonderful series of scenarios praising this most common pairing of Coffee and Cigarettes. Not only is there plenty of knowledgeable palates spread throughout the globe, be it amongst producers, family and neighbours in countries like Cuba, Columbia, Kenya or any other privileged ones near the equator or amongst millions in distant countries like Austria, Germany, England, Italy, Argentina, Hungary or Japan. In these faraway countries strong coffee cultures have developed, although no homegrown coffee plant is able to carry fruit.

The primordial importance of these two pleasure products is not nicotine and caffeine. A good coffee and a good cigar are actually treasured by the amount of enjoyment witnessed through them.

Beyond the simple appreciation of smoking tobacco while drinking coffee, a science called pairing has been developing with increasing density outside the field of wines and whiskey and even outside the innovative waves within the gourmet food industry. Pairing takes into consideration, not only which type of coffee preparation goes well with cigarette, cigar or pipe smoking, but it considers the soil in which tobacco and coffee seeds grow. As an example, Smoking Pipes pairs coffee from Kenya for a wonderful Sunday morning as follows…

“Our first coffee up is a favorite of fans of African coffees. Kenya AA grows mainly on small estates along the sides of Mt. Kenya. It has a medium to full body, delicate acidity, a smooth wine-like flavor and an almost blueberry aroma. I love pairing this coffee with a slightly “rougher” tobacco, such as Rattray’s Black Virginia or Samuel Gawith’s 1792 Flake. However, to see the more aromatic side of this coffee, it is always nice to pair it with a mellow, aged Virginia, such as Former’s Grossgrain Flake. An excellent Sunday morning treat!”

I have been smoking pipes for well over 20 years and do try to smoke a cigar whenever possible. That great-grandmother did manage to live 105 years and my life should not be shorter than that. Thus, I will continue to enjoy and experiment with coffee and tobacco and let you know how it goes.


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