Coffee and the Centuries between Goats

Goats Milk, instead of Cow Milk

A legend tells of the young herder Kaldi, who noticed his mountain goats jumping around nervously in a yet unseen manner.  He then noticed they had been eating the berries from a bush he had never payed much attention to before. It was a coffee tree. Now I have bought some goats milk for my coffee.

The tangy taste of goat – or lamb for that matter – is not only found in their meat. Their milk is just as tangy. But especially in the last decade, a time in which we have been increasingly paying attention to the vast variety of tastes and quality in coffee seeds, as demanding as with wines, it is certainly worth it giving the taste of goats milk a try.

Milk with the typical goats note sounds and tastes different, but wonderfully different. You have my strong recommendation.


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