Coffee to the Fight

Pipe Tobacco mixed with Coffee

My palate has once again witnessed pleasure. This time around it was the combination of a Guinness being caressed with the taste of coffee – as if Guinness were not enough in its intensity. There are many drinks in the market combining beer and coffee, like Coffee Porter from the UK, Hitachino Nest Espresso Stout from Japan or Oakshire Espresso Stout from the USA. When producing Guinness or coffee, both, malt and coffee seeds must be roasted respectively. Although the palate enjoys a well-balanced combination and the joint qualities of these products – bitterness and darkness – it is quite logical to state the question, as to what happens physically when fermented malt numbs, while the caffeine in coffee manages to induce the impression that the mind and body are even more awake. These ingredients seem to contradict themselves in their social functions.

This week I smoked some pipe tobacco with coffee and thus the question arises, if once more coffee is able to transform some of the qualities – or effects – of the products with which is mixed. According to a studie of the American Association for Cancer Research, those who drank about four cups of coffee a day were 39% less likely to have tumors developed, especially in the brain and the neck.

One may at least say that this combinations from coffee with alcohol and tobacco appear to be quite unusual. 



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