Coffee in London / Nordic Bakery, Wild Blueberry Juice

Dark rye breads
Cinnamon buns


Such a display of words, such reduction and its graphic formation, all these attracted me and l had to enter the premise in London”s Golden Square. Once I did, also the interiors spoke to my taste with satisfaction.

A single word placed at the 3rd and last position gains on importance of the whole – at least it did for me in this case. Hence great expectations were immediately there. Expectations because ‘Nordic’ and ‘coffee’ transported me immediately to Denmark/Sweden, where the do not necessarily grind but break  their Coffee. This belongs to the traditions and culture of the country. Expectations arouse as well through the prominent position – at least optically – of an interesting metal water cooker behind the counter and also because ‘filter’ was at the top of the list of available coffees on the Café Menú, something unusual. Leading with espresso and others is much more usual. So l did what l had not done in coffeehouses for the past 30 years. I now gather it might take another 30 before I make a this decision again. Anyway, my stomach refused to show any type of thankfulness and my palate was not happy either.  

Sincere thanks and definite praise where nevertheless due for one special product offered by the Nordic Bakery. Two thousand and three hundred wild blueberries get harvested by hand, later filling one of the bottles being exported by Sweden. Nothing else goes in the bottle. 


The very first sip reminded me of red wine. Later on l read on the bottle that it might serve as wine substitute. I disagree. This wine possesses more body than most of the average quality wines l have tasted and thus it does not need to play any substitute role. Furthermore the absence of alcohol lets the taste of the juice be manifested without any possible distraction through the alcohol contents.

Specially for those keen of the realms of pleasure but do not want to use alcohol. This juice may even be ‘dekanted’ and let to dissolve slowly in the palate.

This is the taste of the color blue. Such intensity of taste, colorfully tasting and pulp filled. A depth I had not yet known from a fruit juice due to the very low sugar contents. Tomato juice in blue. This low sugar contents makes even many vegetable juices seem to be too sweet. Not sweet, much acidity, many vitamins and antioxidants.

For many years I view coffee on the same level as wine and some high quality alcoholic beverages. Partly because at some early stage in the history and developments of coffee, it was used to make wine, but also due to the complexity of the coffee fruit itself, plus the complexities during the production stages and by the further stages during the preparation into a beverage. For this reason l view such a fruit juice as a very important product for coffeehouses, much more important than the self-evidence behind Cola, soft drinks, or cookies and cakes.


Also the world of cocktails will have much to gain when barkeepers discover it, using it as juice, but perhaps also as a syrup. 



Nordic Bakery

14a Golden Square

London W1F9JG


Swedish wild blueberries 100%

Saxhyttegubben, Grythyttan, Sweden


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