Fished Strange Coffee Fish

Strange fish I just caught, and obviously it had lots of coffee.

strange coffee fish / coffee and sugar on paper, 20 x 20 cm

2 thoughts on “Fished Strange Coffee Fish

  1. Well, your fish reminds me of one of my very favorites, Lewis Carroll and his riddle in Through the Looking Glass.

    Here it goes:

    ‘First, the fish must be caught.’
    That is easy: a baby, I think, could have
    caught it.
    ‘Next, the fish must be bought.’ That is easy: a penny, I think, would have
    bought it.

    ‘Now cook me the fish!’
    That is easy, and will not take more than a minute.
    ‘Let it lie in a dish!’
    That is easy, because it already is in it.

    ‘Bring it here! Let me sup!’
    It is easy to set such a dish on the table.
    ‘Take the dish-cover up!’
    Ah, that is so hard that I fear I’m unable!

    For it holds like glue-
    Holds the lid to the dish, while it lies in the
    Which is easiest to do,
    Un-dish-cover the fish, or dishcover the

    Can you solve the riddle? It’s at least as strange as your COFFEE-FISH. Which may be also called COFFISH. New words are born through new images. Or is it the other way round?

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