“Realignment” from Karen Suriano


the spying eyes of sunrise find

me stumbling bumbling to the kitchen blind

coherent thought is undermined

sleep slugs, grey matter intertwined

lurch on undaunted, the freezer is mined

of roasted nirvana for electric grind

scoop and measure the unrefined

then water, heat and bean combined

hiss and gurgleshout most unkind

but aroma kisses with peace of mind

before first sip, much was maligned

but after, my outlook is realigned






Just some days ago I found a few poems by Karen Suriano.
I like her playfulness and sensuality with words revolving around great and insignificant experiences with coffee (and tea…). For this reason I shall be featuring some of her poems in my blogs.
“Homegrown in Chicago, Karen Suriano earned a BA in Theatre from Loyola University. She now resides in the Pacific Northwest with her wonderful husband and two fabulous daughters. A closet poet, she hides behind her coffee mug disguised as a legal assistant in a corporate downtown law firm, where she watches the ever-increasing skyscrapers shoulder out the view of mountains and pine, and wonders if her degree in theatre will ever be put to use. In the meantime, she scratches that creative itch by writing. Her poetry also appears at: Cocoajava.com, Coffee Time News, PoetrySuperHighway.com, PoetSpeak.com, Gilkatho.com.au (Australia), Poems Niederngasse (www.niederngasse.com), and in the first edition of VROOM. Karen founded NoPoPoets (North Portland Poets), where she and other closet poets meet monthly to share a potluck of poetry, vittles and libations. She has also written a one-act play, The Daemon, which remains regrettably unperformed.”

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