Sitting on your Coffee

Coffee Grounds turned into Furniture

coffee grounds furniture / Axion Polymers, Re-worked

One of the most wonderful coffee qualities is what attracts even many tea drinkers and others who due to matters of taste, health or intolerance, refrain from drinking coffee: its unique aroma. A firm has managed to combine ecological solutions while combining very different aspects pertaining this cultural phenomenon.

Axion Polymers is an innovative firm specializing in recyclable plastics, which has newly developed ‘polymer’, made with coffee grounds. After collecting coffee rests from many offices and factories they used these to make pellets, which in turn were molded into plastic sheets to create a hard surfacing product called Çurface. This may be the very first time that coffee has been used in this way.

Using this coffee-scented material, Re-worked, an industrial design and product development firm from London, has produced furniture.

Curface from recycled coffee / Re-worked

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