Pears in Wine-Coffee-Juice

Pears in Wine-Coffee-Juice

I just tasted Pear juice and as a result must report it.

It is anyones choice how many pears to use and how to serve them, but the main thing are these Pears and the Juice made with them and wine.

I call it juice because the first try was a success in terms of taste, but the amount of liquid at the end was much more than the volume of the pears.

Take one Liter of white wine (my choice was Pino Blanc), 150g sugar, one scraped Vanilla pod, some 30 Coffee seeds (coarse ground) and 2 or 3 pears. Let the wine, vanilla and coffee cook for some 30-40 minutes until about 1/3 of the wine has been reduced. Filter everything and discard of the coffee pieces. Cut the pears in halves, place them on a small form and pour the juice with the vanilla pod over it. Put it in the oven vor some 45 minutes at 180°.

You will love the taste of the pears and will love the juice as well.


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