Coffee Blossom Honey

coffee blossom honey

Bees have been on this planet since over forty million years. Since some forty thousand years humans have known honey. A bee colony could visit up to forty thousand flowers daily. Immediately after a dry period and with the first rainfall the flowers of coffee trees begin to blossom. A fully grown tree will carry up to forty thousand blossoms, contributing a white-yellowish blossom ocean with a scent similar to the one of Jasmin. There is a lot of work, a lot of history, a lot of development and a lot of taste in Coffee Honey.

The five-limbed blossom of a coffee tree has a short life and its pollination time lasts only a few hours. On the other hand, its blooming cycle may be divided into three phases and it is relatively long. When analysed, these phases could hint much about how the coffee harvest will be.

Honey Bees collect the nectar from this blooming ocean – especially in Mexico and El Salvador – around the month of March, providing us with a Coffee Blossom Honey I have just been able to experience. This particular honey (from L.W.C. Michelsen) is strong with a light malt taste. My first impression was tastes with soft notes reminding me of Ginseng and Eucalyptus. The aroma is a compact and spicy combination of herbs and beeswax. I am already looking forward to a comparison with the product of honey farmers elsewhere.


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