Chronicle of an undrinkable Koffee Rest Foretold / Junper Cones

The most wonderful thing about taking time is being able to appreciate the time taken. Pouring the desired amount of coffee seeds into a mortar and adding any other wanted ingredients contributes greatly to appreciation of time and most of all to appreciation of the products and the selection process. It might be a very personal tendency of mine, but picking bare handed has something of a telescopic coffee-making process, which usually increases appreciation. For one particular coffee I drank yesterday I had decided to use Juniper berries as a complimentary taste to coffee. Juniper berries are mostly famous for their role in providing the central note of taste in Gins. But these little balls seem to be quite the individualists when contributing their taste, at least in these particular coffee situation.Yesterday I chose 2 berries and the result was a very strong, or at the least a distinctive Juniper taste, pretty much one to one with the olfactory perception when the berries get rubbed between the fingers. But, although not unpleasant, it eclipsed the coffee taste too much. Today I wanted to give it another try and repeated the procedure exactly like yesterday. I was however very surprised about an almost absent Juniper taste. Hence I gathered all ingredients once more in the mortar, but this time with 3 berries. It was perfect! A slight known taste of the berries, a well-rounded coffee-juniper-cocoa taste. A glorious drink for my anxiously demanding palate.

Chronicle of an undrinkable Coffee Rest Foretold / I / Jan.27.10


  • 14 gm Coffee (Espresso roast)
  • 2, 3 Grains of corse Sea salt
  • 3 Juniper cones
  • the idea of a pinch of cinnamon
  • a bit of cocoa (for baking)
  • about 20 cl hot water
  • hot milk to taste (optional)
  • a pinch of high quality sugar may work wonders as well (definitely optional)
Chronicle of an undrinkable Coffee Rest Foretold / II / Jan.27.10
Chronicle of an undrinkable Coffee Rest Foretold / III / Jan.27.10
Chronicle of an undrinkable Coffee Rest Foretold / IV / Jan.27.10

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