Healthy, Sleeping, Coffee

Excerpts from an article by the Sleep Doctor, Michael J. Breus, PhD

“…coffee can be a healthy part of life–it doesn’t have to mess with your sleep.” There are a multitude of benefits that accompany coffee drinking, and now we have one more reason to add to the list: it can cut the risk of stroke in women. The new study just published shows that four or more cups of coffee a day reduced the risk of stroke by 20 percent in women. (Sorry, but men were not analyzed; this study came from a 24-year examination of nurses with no history of stroke, heart disease, diabetes, or cancer, starting in 1980. My guess is they’d find similar results in men. The risk of stroke is higher in women, however.)”

“The best news came for those who don’t smoke. Among those who either quit or never smoked at all, the risk was reduced by 43 percent.”

“Interestingly, the benefits of drinking coffee seem to be limited to coffee. It’s not the caffeine that’s lowering the risk for stroke. There’s something in the components of coffee itself. That means don’t start doubling up on your soda intake.”

Read the complete article in Dr. Breus’ “The Insomnia Blog”


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