Slow Coffee or pushing a button

these are the 2 possibilities we have almost every time, unless we are at a train station.

What is there to experience in the mouth, in the body, what do i drink, what happens at all, when i simply push a button in order to drink a coffee?

It is common that we measure the necessary water and coffee (unless this is done automatically by the machine) and after pushing one or two buttons, each has several minutes to spend in the wash room, until some noise gives signal that the cup of coffee could be picked up so we may continue to prepare ourselves to go to work, while sipping every now and then on this fresh cup of coffee. It is quite clear to me that not each individual has the daily possibility of dedicating conscious moments to coffee making rituals and the enjoyment of drinking it free of time pressure. But i am quite sure as well, that many people would be more than willing to get up 30 minutes earlier, if they were more aware or at least informed about the differences as a whole between pushing buttons for a coffee, as opposed to enjoying the morning cup as a process with an attentive involvement all along.

Each time we prepare a cup the results are quite different, no matter what we may repeat and how exact we may repeat it. The time it takes for the first drops to flow out of the machine varies, the colour of the first drops, the colour of the stream following, the speed and form in which the bottom of the glass or the cup starts to get covered, all varies each time. And each time i could witness a particular pre-joy, that in a matter of minutes another Aristippos will be victim of my palate. And each time the joy is accompanied by the fraction of wondering, how will it taste this time around?

Drinking such a cup of coffee means a short moment of pleasure, but it lasts in the tongue, in the palate and in the whole body for a while. And many times my day ends just as it started, only that i may combine my Aristippos with alcohol, some spice, herb or with something sweet – seldom with milk. How long a day is, how short it might be, that is not really the matter, for i prefer not to count the hours of the day.

You got it!

– the cups.


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