473 times

i wanted to know, how many times i would turn the knob in order to grind enough coffee beans to make an Aristippos. For Ludwig van Beethoven that would have been 120 beans.

This particular time i wanted to have one with saffron and  dicided to document a couple of details and steps during the preparation. The first think i could account for is, that it took me 473 turns until all beans where through. I use a Mocca grinder from Turkey, the same one which has travelled with me through Europe and the USA many atimes and many years.

All i could show you now is what you see here, but i could assure, it was a wonderful drink and one thing i have noticed again and again:  if you take these pucks (or water filters, as i call them) and place them on your desk while you work, you will be surprised how wonderful it is for you nose. Not only do you enjoy several minutes of taste after you drink it, but also a couple of hours on your nose as the air brings repeatedly this soft scent of coffee and saffron on your way.


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