Who does not like markets?

Lemon (pleurotus) mushroom

Lemon (pleurotus) mushroom

For those romantic souls and palates who love being awake and are constantly open for inspiration, markets are a wonderful support, for almost always, almost anywhere, they are romantic places, making their practical side almost invisible. The pictures I see about Market Places in different parts of the world and the feeling I get when I walk through one and any of them – be it in Turkey, Belgium, Germany, Italy… wherever… with colour and sound they are pure liveliness.

red beet

So I have started a documented collection of markets I visit, the ingredients I look for and those I find without looking for them. All those which in the end I shall use in my coffee-mortar.

To start this series I visited yesterday the Kollwitzplatz in Berlin.

A pity –  most of you do not know my coffee-red beet-bread. Yet.


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